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10th Nuclear Energy Congress 2014

The 10th Nuclear Energy Congress 2014 will be held in Beijing
The 10th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress 2014, organized by China Decision Markers Consultancy (CDMC), co-organized by World Nuclear Association, will be held on May 29th-30th in Beijing, China.

Nowadays, Mainland China has 17 nuclear power reactors in operation, 30 under construction. Nuclear capacity will be at least 58 GWe by 2020, possibly 200 GWe by 2030, and 400 GWe by 2050. China aims to reach 42 million kilowatts nuclear power capacity by 2015 and up to 80million kilowatts by 2020.

China Nuclear Energy Congress (CNEC) is the regional annual conference which assembles leaders from all stakeholder groups in nuclear energy. With over 2200+ attendees, CNEC has already grown into a leading world nuclear event, and also attracting other emerging nuclear energy market leaders to participate. 2014 will be a new chapter for China nuclear energy industry.

Based on the success of the past nine term, The 10th Nuclear Energy Congress decided on the topics of "China nuclear planning & Nuclear safety regulation", "New requirement criteria of nuclear equipment", "Nuclear power project latest advancement", "Generation III/IV nuclear technology introduction", "Advancement of Nuclear NPP at Hinkley Point, Self-reliance way and globalization strategy", "Juristical consideration of nuclear power development", "NPP life-cycle information technology solutions", "Risk management and software applications", "Experience sharing from France, Russia, Korea, Japan, US" and so on.

This event will draw over 300 industry leaders, bringing together with Government officials, Utilities & Power groups, International associations, Academics & Research, Reactor vendors, Equipments & facilities vendors, Front-end companies, Back-end companies, Logistics & transportation vendors, EPC companies, Consultancies, Insurance & reinsurance, and so on.

Then, senior leaders from AREVA Group, World Nuclear Association, China Nuclear Energy Association, EDF Group, Ministry of Economy, and Department for Energy, Romania, Tsinghua University, CNNC, SNPTC, CGNPC, CPIC, CFHI, China National Erzhong Group Co., CGNPC Uranium Resources Co. will attend and make speeches.

Join us in Beijing, China on May 29-30th at the annual gathering of nuclear energy industry!

For more information, please visit http://www.cdmc.org.cn/2014/cnec/

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