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ENPPS European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum 2013

ENPPS European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum 2013
8-9 października 2013, Hotel Fira Palace, Barcelona, Spain

The only business conference in Europe for the nuclear industry with the focus on simulators

After extensive research, feedback and updated developments from key professionals in the simulator industry we are very pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum in the beautiful city of Barcelona 8th & 9th October 2013. It is the only business conference in Europe for the nuclear industry with the focus on simulators.

Experts in the simulator industry (vendors, utilities, regulators and research institutes) will join us in Barcelona for two days to discuss the latest developments in the industry. The latest technologies, projects, codes, 3D visualization and simulation, strategies and focus points for the present and future will be presented and demonstrated by an excellent speaker line-up.

The event will bring together those who are involved with simulators, training personnel, training managers, operation support managers and anyone with an interest in nuclear power plant simulators or those who develop or use simulation tools for nuclear power plants. This event will give an excellent opportunity for networking, benchmarking and business development with industry peers, contractors, vendors, suppliers and regulators. This all will take place in the beautiful and accommodating 5-star venue of the Barcelona Fira Palace Hotel.

Attendees can hear cutting edge presentations on:
  • Severe Accident Simulation, Simulators after Fukushima
  • Recent Simulator Projects,
  • Simulator Technology Updates
  • Simulation and 3D Visualization,
  • Other Applications for NPP Simulation
  • Regulatory Perspective
  • New Reactors Update
  • Simulation and Training for NNB
  • New Developments
Our previous event gathered presentations and interactive panel discussions from key organizations in the industry (L-3 MAPPS, Tecnatom, Western Services Corporation, Corys T.E.S.S., ISS), utilities (EDF, EDF Energy), research institutes (IRSN, University of Pisa, Technical University of Catalonia), the IAEA and more. Form this first forum we woulkd like to highlight a very impressive and interactive panel discussion about Severe Accident Simulation chaired by Prof. Francesc Reventos from the Technical University of Catalonia and panelists were Robert Boire from L-3 MAPPS, Pablo Rey from Tecnatom, Oussama Ashy from WSC and Chris Allison from ISS.

Based on all the feedback forms we received, it seems there was a real need for a platform like this in Europe and has given us something to build on the 2nd edition of this unique event.

For more information on how to join us in Barcelona please go to our website www.NRG-Events.com or contact us via e-mail at marketing@nrg-events.com. One of our executives will contact you as soon as possible to go through any doubts.